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Who are the Raptors?
Responsible Athletes Progressing To Optimize Real Skills is what we stand for.

Developing young boy's and girl’s skills to help prepare them for high school athletics is our mission. This mission will be accomplished using experienced and qualified coaching, player development and positive encouragement. Our philosophy is to instill a positive attitude, sportsmanship, fundamentals, confidence and high standards. Our council is committed to teaching teamwork while promoting the love of the game.

From nobody to upstart, from upstart to contender, from contender to winner, from winner to champion,

From Champion to Dynasty……… Illinois Raptors 


  • Right to participate in sports.

  • Right to qualified adult leadership.

  • Right to play as a child not as an adult.

  • Right to participate at a level commensurate with each child’s maturity and ability.

  • Right to participate in safe and healthy environments.

  • Right to proper preparation for participation in sports.

  • Right of children to share leadership and decision making of their sports participation.

  • Right to an equal opportunity for success.

  • Right to be treated with dignity.

  • Right to have fun in sports.

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